My story

I have been an observer for as long as I remember. Born as the son of an English father and a Dutch mother, I grew up in The Netherlands. After graduating in psychology at the University of Leiden and briefly working as a journalist in Australia, I switched to the field of marketing and communications, working at some of the world’s largest corporations. I live in Amsterdam, although I prefer to be up in the air, heading for new destinations. Language was my first love, but over the last few years, photography has captured my heart as well. My passion has always remained the same: sharing stories. Real, human stories. Because if you observe closely enough, there’s always more than meets the eye. Wherever you go, and whomever you meet.

My mission

I believe that every photo has the potential to tell a story. The story of a place you’ve never seen in a certain light before, or the story of another culture you’re not familiar with. I try to tell that story. By searching for the beauty in the mundane. By looking for the emotion in a specific moment. And by going the extra mile to get the details right. I’ve never studied photography professionally, but there’s a lot you can learn by simply being out there with your camera, venturing into new worlds and finding inspiration in others. With this website, I hope to spread some of that inspiration to you, too. Because when people start sharing their stories, new connections emerge, and this fragmented world becomes a small and intimate place again.

That's not the whole story. Once in a while, I write about marketing too.

On the weekends, I'm usually out on the streets with my camera, creating new stories to share with you. The rest of the week, I work as a corporate marketer - which involves sharing stories as well. If you're interested in reading my thoughts on marketing, please visit my marketing blog.

Visit my marketing blog
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A few words on trust and transparency

All observations and recommendations on this website reflect my own beliefs, opinions, and preferences. Please note that I am a strong proponent of full transparency. After all, trust is a precious thing, and I value your trust above anything else. If I am invited to visit a certain location that I choose to write about, I will always provide full disclosure.

No hidden promotions. Only the best advice. That's my promise to you.

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