Find your next photo destination

Are you looking for the best spots to take photos of the places you're planning to visit? Or are you simply browsing for travel inspiration? These are some of the locations I particularly enjoyed photographing.

shanghai grand hyatt shanghai

Shanghai architecture: 5 spots for photography lovers

Shanghai has undergone some dramatic changes over the last few decades, resulting in a fascinating mix of old and new architecture. Make sure not to miss the following highlights on your photography trip.

tokyo roppongi hills mori tower

7 excellent photography locations in Tokyo

Nothing can quite prepare you for the sheer size and dazzling pace of Tokyo, the world’s most populous metropolis. Here are seven of my favourite photo spots in the Japanese capital.

Discover the stories behind the photos

There's always more than meets the eye. Explore the stories of the places I've visited, and see the world through a different lens.

Norway mountains

How I became more at ease with travelling alone

Travelling alone is a joy, it’s a pain, and it’s often both at the same time. This is my story of how I learned to accept and appreciate the solitude that accompanies me on my travels.

The painting in the mountains

"First I saw the mountains in the painting. Then I saw the painting in the mountains." This Chinese proverb crossed my mind when I was standing at the top of Mt. Beacon in South Korea.

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