Becoming better at being alone – a personal story

Many are so afraid to occupy their mind with their own thoughts and feelings, that they’d rather fill it with whatever is available at their fingertips. I was certainly one of those people. How do we get more comfortable with being alone?

Why we need to disconnect in order to connect

Only by temporarily disconnecting from digital technology do we get the chance to fully reconnect with ourselves and the world around us.

Virtual life makes us realize just how much we miss the real world

In the wake of COVID-19, life has turned virtual. But I wonder: will our forced confinement to the digital world actually lead to a renewed appreciation for everything that is *not* digital?

I spent a week in the city of the future – and I’m not sure it’s the future we want

Earlier this year I visited what has been dubbed “the world’s smartest city”. It offered a fascinating glimpse into the future - but I’m not sure it’s the future we want.

The beauty of feeling small and insignificant

I don’t recall feeling as small and insignificant as I did when we made it to the top of a mountain peak in South Greenland, and shimmering carpets of green descended down on us.

The art of letting go, and what we can learn from the East

It is impossible to think of East Asia in springtime without the iconic imagery of cherry trees in bloom. I explored their deeper cultural meaning during a recent trip to South Korea.

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