A powerful shift in mindset for 2024

As Marcel Proust famously said, "The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes." Or: why we should prioritize depth over novelty in a world that is obsessed with everything that is new.

In your own time and place

Once upon a time in a small Italian village, nothing happened. It was a morning like any other - yet that was precisely the point of me being there. A reflection on the power of flow state, how it is especially beneficial for autistic people like me.

One photo, three life principles

I am happy to have been nominated in the 2023 Fine Art Photography Awards with my photo “Distant Shores”. Here's the story behind it, including three principles that guide me in my work as a photographer - and in life more broadly.

The pain now is part of the happiness then

All happiness in life is transitory. We cannot escape the pain of looking back. But when the rainy days come, as they inevitably do, it’s actually the pain that propels us forward and allows us to experience a deeper kind of happiness again in the future.

Reclaiming the rhythms of nature in our lives

One of the biggest sources of stress in modern life is feeling the psychological pressure to be always on. What if we modelled our work after the rhythms and seasons of nature instead?

To stick to your habits, keep your environment consistent

To get into a flow state where you perform the same habits every day, designing your environment for consistency may be the best thing you can do.

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