Hi, I’m Tristan Lavender, and I’ve been an observer for as long as I remember.

Born as the son of an English father and a Dutch mother, I grew up in The Netherlands. After graduating in psychology at the University of Leiden and briefly working as a journalist in Australia, I switched careers to marketing.

I currently work as a senior global content strategist, writer and editor at Philips. Next to that, I am an avid photographer. I live in Ede, The Netherlands, although I prefer to be up in the air, heading for new destinations.

Writing was my first love. Then I discovered photography. Now I am combining both. My passion has always remained the same: sharing stories. Because if you observe closely, there’s always more than meets the eye.

Awards & recognition

  • 2023 Fine Art Photography Awards – Nominated in the category ‘Seascapes’
  • 2022 Fine Art Photography Awards – First place in the category ‘Seascapes’
  • 2020 Fine Art Photography Awards – Nominated in the category ‘Cityscapes’
  • 2019 International Photography Awards – Second place in the category ‘Cityscapes’
  • 2019 Prix de la Photographie de Paris – Bronze award in the category ‘Earth’
  • 2018 International Photography Awards – Honourable mentions in the categories ‘Cityscapes’, ‘Fine Art Abstract’ and ‘Sunsets’
  • 2018 Fine Art Photography Awards – Second place in the category ‘Travel’; Nominated in the categories ‘Landscape’ and ‘Cityscape’
  • 2018 Urban Photo Awards – Third place in the category ‘Transport’
  • 2018 Sony World Photography Awards – Commended in the category ‘Architecture’

Published work

  • IPA Annual Book of Photography (2019)
    Featured with selected work
  • Urban: Unveils the city and its secrets, vol 4 (2018)
    Featured with selected work
  • Lighting: Illumination in architecture, vol 50 issue 3 (2018)
    Featured with selected work